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Type of Project : New Line – Broad Gauge

  • District :Jamnagar (Population : 21.50 lakhs)

Project Background: 
• Bedi Group of Ports comprises of Old Bedi Port, New Port and Rozi Pier. Collectively the contributed 39.56% for the financial year 2014-15 of the cargo being handled at GMB ports. The Cargo being handled at the Bedi group of ports are bulk commodities like imports of coal and export of bauxite etc. Considering the quantum and nature of cargo, it has been under consideration to extend BG rail link to these ports in phased manner. 
• Proposed project will benefit all concerned- the Railways, the Port as well as Users.
• 3 serving points namely Old Bedi Port (3.03 Kms), New Bedi Port (6.4 kms) and Rozi Port (9 Kms) approx. from windmill station will be served by this NGR. But Currently Study Done for Od bedi port only.
• Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) has assigned the task to M/s RITES, Gurgaon for validation of the earlier feasibility study through fresh techno-economic feasibility studies including O-D Survey, assessment of traffic potential, engineering-operational requirements including land acquisition, fresh estimation etc.

 Project Length : Route length of 3.03 kms from Windmill Station

Estimated Project Construction Period*: 2 months – to be verified

Mode of Award of Project:

Project Cost*: 
• Estimated cost of construction (total cost including electrification signaling and bridges) Rs. 40.35 Cr ; Source : GMB.)
• Land Required : 6.14 Hectares

Current Status*:
• GMB commissioned a DPR and engineering scale plan by M/S RITES which was submitted in Dec 2016.
• Based on Pre-feasibility report (PFR), FIRR of the project worked out to be 15.7 % however there are significant differences in the project cost (26 cr.) and other parameters between the project cost and DPR.

*Source : GIDB; Stakeholder Consultation